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Obtaining an agricultural concession

The right to use land is called a "concession". It is legally established only by a certificate of registration of the land granted by the State. It is unassailable after 2 years from the date of its establishment.

There are two types of concessions:

  • Perpetual concession, reserved for the Congolese (with no time limit);
  • Ordinary concessions, accessible to Congolese and foreigners (for a period of 25 years renewable without limitation).

Steps to obtain an ordinary concession for agricultural use:

  • Identification of the land (contact the Ministry of Land Affairs). ANAPI in this process can assist the investor;
  • Signing of an agreement with the customary authority of the place, against payment of a sum of money and material goods in accordance with the custom;
  • Land vacancy survey and demarcation by the competent State services (local services of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Land Affairs);
  • Signing of the concession contract (Registrar of Immovable Titles of the jurisdiction): valid for a period of 3 years;
  • Establishment of the registration certificate by the Registrar of Immovable Titles of the jurisdiction;
  • The validity of the registration certificate is 25 years renewable for foreigners.

Agricultural land shall be granted to farmers and developed under the following conditions:

  • Be a natural person of Congolese nationality or a legal person governed by Congolese law whose shares or stocks, as the case may be, are majority-owned by the Congolese State and/or nationals;
  • Have a known residence, domicile or registered office in the Democratic Republic of the Congo;
  • Present proof of his registration in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register, if he is a trader;
  • Justify the financial capacity likely to bear the burden of the development of the concession;
  • Produce an environmental and social impact study.

Contact: Ministry of Agriculture

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