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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency


Accreditation of a Micro-credit Company

In support of their request for approval, promoters must submit a complete file including, in addition to a letter of request for approval, written in French and addressed to the Governor of the Central Bank of Congo, the following elements:

  • Legal personality;
  • Resolutions of the Constitutive General Assembly and of the Extraordinary General Assembly of shareholders or associates legal entities authorizing them to take part in the capital of the MFI;
  • National Identification Number;
  • Original Notarial Statutes;
  • Internal Regulations;
  • Documents certifying the payments made to a bank or other microfinance institution to pay up the minimum capital set at the equivalent in Congolese francs of USD 100,000.00;
  • List of shareholders or associates;
  • Certified financial statements for the last three fiscal years of the shareholders or partners who are legal entities;
  • Minutes of the General Meeting for the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors, the Board of Auditors and the Credit Committee;
  • Curriculum Vitae, Certificates of Residence and of Good Living and Morals, Extract from the Criminal Records of all Shareholders, representatives of shareholders or partners who are legal entities, members of the Board of Directors and other Managers with experience in the banking or financial field and in corporate governance, including those of the Chief Executive Officer or Manager;
  • Certification by the supervisory authority of the country of origin for foreign legal entities;
  • Curriculum vitae of a qualified accountant or one with proven experience in the field;
  • Activity (business plan), establishment and organization forecasts, detailing, in particular, the technical and financial means as well as the human resources of the institution with regard to its objectives and needs and this, over a period of three (3) to five (5) years;
  • Payment of the CDF 365,000.00 (Congolese Francs three hundred and sixty-five thousand) to be paid into accounts G 17416/0500 in the books of the Central Bank of Congo.

N.B.: The authorization is also subject to a conformity inspection of the installations and equipment at the place of operation.

The Central Bank of Congo reserves the right to request any other document or information likely to enlighten its decision.