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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency



1. Legal framework

Law n°15/005 of 17 March 2015 on the Insurance Code has enshrined the liberalization of the insurance market, by putting an end to the monopoly granted to the National Insurance Company (SONAS) since 23 November 1966.

 Insurance is one of the essential activities for the economic and social development of modern countries. 

2. Potentials

  • With a surface area of 2,345,408km2 and 91.994 million inhabitants, the DRC is a large market that has remained almost untouched:
    • Low penetration rate: 0.71% of GDP reflects the existence of a large market share in favor of potential investors;
    • Current market estimated at US$900 million (but only +/-7% captured) - Potential market of US$3 to 5 billion in the medium term;
    • The establishment of a regulatory authority called: Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Authority (Autorité de Régulation et de Contrôle des Assurances, A.R.C.A).

3. Achievements

The installation of new economic units in this sector:

  1. Accredited insurance companies:
    1. Activa Assurance RDC (Multinational insurance company present in Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, DR Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone and France);
    2. Société financière d’assurance Congo (SFA CONGO);
    3. Rawsur SA (Groupe Rawji);
    4. Rawsur Life SA (Groupe Rawji);
    5. Sunu Assurances IARD RDC SA;
    6. Mayfair Insurance Congo SA;
    7. Global Pionner Assurance SA;
  2. Licensed insurance brokerage firms:
    1. Allied Insurance Brokers SARL (AIB) (Multinational insurance brokerage company present in Angola, DRC, Mozambique and Tanzania);
    2. Gras Savoye RDC (Subsidiary of Gras SavoyeSénégal, Busybi SA, Plus).
    3. JuasurSA;
    4. Elite Congo SARL;
    5. Société Dambana Assurances SARL (SODASUR)