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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency



County town: MATADI

Area: 53,920 km2

Population: 5,575,000 inhabitants

Opportunities related to valuable resources


Valuable resources

Types of industries to develop or establish

Agro industry

corn, cassava, banana, plantains, potatoes, vegetables, tomatoes,

orange, pineapple, mangosteen, palm nuts, cocoa, coffee, sugar cane Cows, fish in the coast, the river, the maritime triangle and the rivers Bois, Hévéa

Dehydrators (Drying units), flour mills, canneries, Fruit juice manufacturing units (pineapple, mangosteen, orange), concentrated tomato production units, mineral water production units, oil production units palm, Brewery, margarine manufacturing unit, biofuel production unit, Sugar refinery , Banana and potato crisps production units, Fish smoking units, modern slaughterhouses, delicatessens, production units Cellulose, Latex extraction unit



Limestones, Rubble, clay, Silica, wood (Black, red, white, and others)

Cement works, lime production units, aggregates production units, glass manufacturing unit, joinery, modern carpentry, tiles and pavers production units,

Valori- tion mining and mix That tallurgi

To be exploited: Bauxite, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Vanadium, Phosphate, Gold, Diamond, Manganese, Marble, Black granite, Iron ore, Rock salt

Already exploited: Oil and natural gas

Petroleum and refining units Other mineral exploitation units

pack- lage

Plastic waste, cellulose, silica

Plastic waste recycling units, paper packaging production units, glass bottle and jar manufacturing units

Sources: developed by CEPI using data from provincial delegates

Other opportunities

Existence of several hydroelectric dams: INGA I, INGA II, ZONGO I, SANGA; a hydroelectric plant under construction ZONGO II;

identified hydroelectric sites: INGA III, GRAND INGA, NSUDI LUTETE, KITONA: its geographic position:

near Kinshasa,

only entry route to the Ocean,

province bordering two countries: ANGOLA and CONGO BRAZZA


  • Sandy soils
  • Sandy clay soils
  • Clay sandy soils with clay stains


  • Mangroves
  • Steps
  • Forest
  • Forest galleries