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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency



County town: Kinshasa

Area: 9,965 km2

Population: 11,575,000 inhabitants

Opportunities related to valuable resources


Valuable resources

Types of industries to develop or establish

Agro industry

Market garden products, cassava, mangosteen

Broiler, laying chickens

Vegetable products conservation industries, flour mills, Mangosteen juice manufacturing units, broiler and egg production units, mayonnaise production units, starch plants, biofuel production units

Materials building

Rubble, silica, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic waste

Aggregate production units, ferrous metal foundries, non-ferrous scrap foundries, glass production units, tiles and pavers production units,


Plastic waste, silica, used cardboard

Recycling units for plastic waste and used cardboard in packaging, manufacturing units for glass bottles and jars

Sources: CEPI

Other opportunities

Presence of electric current from Central Congo;

existence of several communication channels for the supply of raw materials and disposal of finished products;

existence of a potential market;

abundant and skilled labor;

possibilities to establish several types of industries:

  • Agro-industry : textile factories, paper production factories, palm oil refineries, soap factories, cold cuts, slaughterhouses, chocolate factories, tire production plant, biscuit factories, margarine production plants;
  • Construction materials : creation of a city of carpentry-cabinet making, brick factories, asphalt production plants
  • Light engineering : vehicle assembly plants, household appliances, electronic devices (Televisions, Radio, computers, Telephones, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical : factories for manufacturing pharmaceutical products from medicinal plants and various chemicals,
  • Mining recovery: factories producing electronic components (capacitors for telephones, computers, television), jewelry stores, tooth plumbing factories and other orthodontic applications, etc.


  • Ferralsols
  • Sandy clay
  • Sandy


  • Secondary forests
  • Savannah woodland
  • Meadow