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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency




County town: KANANGA Area: 59,500 km2

Population: 3,317,000


Opportunities related to valuable resources


Valuable resources

Types of industries to develop or establish





Agro industry

Soy, Taro, Corn, Palm nuts, Pineapple

Cows, goats

Dehydrators (drying units), flour mills, biscuit factories, palm oil production units, soybean oil production units, mineral water production units, cold meats, juice production units pineapple, margarine production unit, soap factories, paddy rice hullers (rice mills), broiler and egg production units.

Materials building

Limestones, rubble stones, clay, wood

Cement works, Aggregate units, modern joinery

Mining and metallurgical recovery


To be exploited: Gold, Cobalt, Iron

Already used: Diamond


Iron ore, cobalt and gold mining units.

Diamond recovery units


Plastic waste, used cardboard

Recycling unit for plastic waste and used cardboard

Sources: developed by CEPI using data from provincial delegates


Other opportunities

  • A hydroelectric power plant under construction: KATENDE power plant with a power of 64 MW
  • Existence of hydroelectric sites already identified: KATENDE / BOMBO, TUBI TUBIDI



  • Areonoferralsol on sand
  • Ferralitic soils
  • Ferrisols



  • Dense humid forest
  • Savannah interspersed with shreds of forest
  • Meadow