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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency




County town: BUNIA Area: 65,658 km2

Population: 3,650,000


Opportunities related to valuable resources


Valuable resources

Types of industries to develop or establish





Agro industry

Beans, Palm oil, Coffee, Cassava, Peanuts, Tomatoes, Sugar cane, Mangoes, Avocados, Cinchona, Cocoa.


Cows, fish in Lake ALBERT

Dehydrators (drying unit), flour mills, sugar refinery, tomato conservation unit (concentrated tomato) palm oil production unit, soap factories, biofuels production unit, margarine production unit, fiber processing unit cinchona, chocolate factories, mineral water production unit, fish smoking units, modern slaughterhouses, cold meats

Materials building


Aggregate production unit


Valuation mining and metallurgical




Gold valuation unit

Coking and manufacturing of petroleum products


Petroleum extraction and refining unit

Sources: developed by CEPI using data from provincial delegates


Other opportunities

  • Existence of the hydroelectric power stations of BUDANA and FOLENYMA I and II and of a mini hydroelectric power station of KODA in RETHY (DJUGU);
  • The RN4 and RN27 roads cross the province;
  • Possibility of setting up a plastic packaging production plant.


  • Ferralsols (yellow, red and ocher latasols)


  • Dense forest
  • Secondary forest
  • Forest galleries
  • Wooded savannah
  • Meadow