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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency




County town: ISIRO

Area: 89,683 km2

Population: 1,864,000 inhabitants


Opportunities related to valuable resources


Valuable resources

Types of industries to develop or establish

Agro industry

1. Oil palm

2. Purpose

3. Cassava

4. Fruits (mangoes, oranges, pineapples)

5. Sugar cane

6. Coffee

7. Breeding of Beef, Pork and Chicken

8. Cola nuts

• Palm oil production plant

• Palm kernel oil production plant

• Plant for the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives (soap factories, margareries, etc.)

• Flour mill

• Flour mill and starch production plant

• Juice production plant

• Candy

• Factory for the production of derivative products

• Alcohol, liqueurs, ……)

• Coffee processing plant

• Delicatessen

• Cola nut processing plant

Construction materials

1. Wood

2. Clay

• Sawmill

• Carpentry

• Brickyard


Mining and metallurgical recovery

1. Gold

2. Diamond

3. Iron

4. Coltan

5. Scrap steel, aluminum and copper

• Extractive industry

• Mineral processing industry

• Foundry

• Steel industry

Coking and manufacturing of petroleum products



Sources: developed by CEPI using data from provincial delegates


Other Sol Opportunities

  • Ferralsols (yellow, red and ocher latosols)


  • Dense dense forest
  • Secondary Savannah
  • Forest galleries
  • Wooded savannah
  • Meadow