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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency




County town: LUBUMBASHI Area: 132,425 km2

Population: 4,617,000 inhabitants


Opportunities related to valuable resources



Valuable resources

Types industries to develop or implement



Agro - industry

Corn, Cassava, Peanuts, Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Soybeans, Pineapples, Sugar Cane Cows (at KUNDELUNGU), fish in Lake MOERO and LUFIRA river

Dehydrators (drying units), flour mills, sweet potato chips production units, Pineapple juice manufacturing units, sugar refinery, soybean oil production units, biscuit factory, mineral water production units, fish smoking, peanut paste production units

Construction materials

Rubble, clay, imported cement, wood, plastic waste

Baked brick manufacturing units, Aggregate production units, brickyards, paver production units, modern carpentry






Mining and metallurgical recovery


Copper, cobalt, Zinc


Copper, cobalt and zinc ores recovery unit

Units for metallurgical recovery of sulphide concentrates and copper oxides;

Units for metallurgical recovery of sulphide concentrates and copper oxides;

Recovery units for the white copper-cobalt alloy; Units for industrial copper applications Units for the enhancement of artisanal production and cupro-cobalt ores


Used boxes

Cardboard and paper packaging recycling units

Sources: developed by CEPI using data from provincial delegates


Other opportunities

  • MWANDINGUSHA hydroelectric plant,
  • Its geographical position: province linked to many provinces by road, rail (Haut-Lomami, Tanganika, Lualaba, Kasaï),
  • Abundant and qualified workforce,
  • Possibility of setting up: brickyards, plastic packaging factory, light industries (vehicle assembly, household appliances, electronic devices).


  • Ferralsols
  • Areno-ferrals
  • Hydro-kaolisols
  • Ferrisols
  • Tropical-recent soils
  • Tropical black earth on alluvium


  • Clear Forest (Miombo)
  • Savannah woodland
  • Grassy savannah
  • Swamp meadows