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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency


Registering property


  1. Title search in the register of the cadastre service;
  2. Authentication of the deed of sale by the Conservative of real estate titles initiation of the title replacement process;
  3. Site inspection, land valuation and establishment of the cadastral extract;
  4. Establishment of the perception note DGRAD;
  5. Payment of fees to the Commercial Bank;
  6. Establishment of the new title deed in the name of the buyer.


Deadline : 15 - 21 days
Cost : 3% of the market value for new titles; 1.5% of the market value for
contracts older than 10 years.


Curator of real estate titles, DGRAD and the Bank.


  1. Reduce transfer procedures from 9 to 5;
  2. Reduce the time required to transfer real estate from 21 to 14 days;
  3. Mandatory display of scales for obtaining the title of property, real estate property and the updating
    of a cadastral plan;
  4. Consolidate the ongoing reform relating to the securing of property titles and the digitization of the Land Cadastre;
  5. Reinforce and revitalize the action of the litigation services already existing in Land Affairs;