Improving the Business climate in DRC, "the indicator allowed to build improved"


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To meet the requirements of flexibility and speed in the process of obtaining the building permit, the Government through the Ministry of Planning and Housing has taken a Ministerial Decree No. CAB / MIN-UH / 023/2018 of the May 31, 2018 amending and supplementing Decree No. CAB / MIN.ATUH / MBI / GHK / 012/2016 of 23 August 2016 concerning regulation of granting building permits in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Indeed, this reform will make it simpler and more transparent the process of obtaining the building permit in DRC has evolved bringing important innovations below: ( i )  the delegation of signature of the building permit  to the Secretary General the Urban Planning and Housing or his Delegate for buildings under the jurisdiction of the Central Power and Heads of Urban and Provincial Divisions or their Deputies for those within the jurisdiction of the provinces; (ii)  the establishment of a support structure for the issuance of the building permit called the "Board of Technical Analysis of Building Permit" and integration among its members a delegate of the Society of Architects Congo; (iii) the subscription of compulsory insurance for all construction and the introduction of compulsory insurance of decennial liability ; (iv) reduction of the license obtaining time to build 30 to 20 days; (v) the introduction of administrative remedies in the event of litigation; (vi) reducing the number of procedures for granting the license to build 9 to 6; (vii) the establishment of a certificate of compliance to ensure compliance with building standards; (viii) taking security measures to carry out the inspection before, during and after construction, and (ix) the mandatory display of the list of Permits issued.