kwilu: sensitization of executives of the public administration on the improvement of the business climate


Executives of the public administration and the private sector in the province of Kwilu and particularly those from Bandundu city, the capital of the province have been sensitized for two days on the reforms implemented to improve the business and investment climate in DRC during the workshop. Organized by the National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI), the  workshop aimed in particular to harmonize the business climate policy in DRC, and promote investment opportunities and the positive image of DRC.

According to Freddy Mputakese, Deputy Manager and expert of ANAPI, the business climate is a set of factors, that is, political, economic, legal and judicial, administrative, social and infrastructural the improvement of which requires the involvement of the provincial authorities in the reform momentum and the strict compliance with constitutional and legal provisions.

The Provincial Planning Minister, Joachim Kitala, who represented the provincial authority, reassured in his closing remarks the commitment of the provincial government of Kwilu to improve the business climate by fighting against all kinds of harassment for investors.

He also invited the participants to appropriate lessons of this workshop for the expansion and economic growth of the province.