Need to adapt the geological map of the DRC to the understanding of new minerals


Mr. Ikoli, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Minister of Mines, noted the need to adapt the old geological map of 1972 to the understanding of new minerals at the opening of the validation workshop of the new geological map produced with the support of the World Bank through the PROMINES project at the Inter-Centre in Kinshasa.

Representing the Minister on that occasion, Mr. Ikoli said that this old geological map is inadequate because it does not take into account the new minerals.

The validation of a new geological map is a response to the recommendation of the President of the Republic Joseph Kabila during the first mining conference in Lubumbashi, in the former province of Katanga, said Mr. Ikoli.

This recommendation of the Head of State was to develop a guide to better management of soil and subsoil and the wise use of resources, he added. Mr. Ikoli stressed that the establishment of the new geological map is an imperative for the proper management of resources and a guide for researchers and investors.

The national coordinator of the project PROMINES, Mabolia Yenga, meanwhile, hinted that the validation of the new card comes from the will of the government to better manage its portfolio of mineral resources. In this context, he has said, the strategy to improve access to mining resources flaps linked to the improvement of the legal framework and implementation of geo data infrastructure.

The government's strategy in this final part, said Mr. Mabolia, involves the implementation of a number of activities including topographic infrastructure, the development of a "data pattern" for geological mapping of DRC responding to a system of geo scientific data on the country and regional geological studies. (Source: ACP)