Prior to Arrival in DR Congo


Entry requirements

For entering D.R.C., any foreigner must have the documents hereafter :


For obtaining an entry visa in D.R.C, any foreign investor in need, should request an invitation letter from ANAPI by mentioning the names of delegation members and their passport numbers. After processing the file ANAPI will send the invitation to its addressee with a copy to the D.R.C Embassy in the applicant country, which has to issue the visa. For promptness reasons, all this procedure is carried out through electronic means.

Travel visa (or tourist)

It is issued by the diplomatic and consular missions of the D.R.C. abroad and has a validity of 1 to 6 months maximum. The DGM (Immigration Department) is able to grant and extend it.

When the validity of travel visa is less than 6 months, it can be extended one or several times up to a total duration of 6 months.

Delivery conditions

N.B. The travel visa does not entitle anyone to carry out a salaried employment in D.R.C.

Types of travel visa

Airport visa and flying visa

These visas are provided to foreigners from countries where the D.R.C. is not diplomatically represented or on discretion decision from the Managing Director.

Exit conditions

Exit-return visa is granted for one or several trips to any foreigner holding a settlement visa for travels outside the D.R.C.; It is valid for 7 months starting from the first travel, 11 months for liberal professions of philantropical nature (Missionary, ASBL, etc.).

Law and Order measures

Any offending to the legal provisions above-mentioned relating to entry, stay and movements of foreigners in DRC is liable for the following measures :

Turning back

Any foreigner who goes to the border post for entering DRC without having any of the documents and the visa required is turned back by the employee in charge of immigration control. This measure is without appeal and the foreigner is immediately repatriated; the transport company being in charge of all probable fees.


Will be subject of dismissal measure :

The dismissal measure is recorded in an undesirability report made by an immigration officer and notified to the person concerned. The foreigner concerned can appeal to the Managing Director or his representative within 24 hours from the notification.


The President of the Republic can through a decree, expel from D.R.C. any foreigner who compromises or threatens to compromise peace or law and order by his presence or behaviour. Expulsion measure is for 5 years minimum.

Any foreigner subject of expulsion decision and who wishes to return to DRC before the indicated period should obtain a special authorization from the President of the Republic.


Without prejudice of legal proceedings or other law and order measures, penalties apply in the following cases :

How to Get a Work Permit ?

To hire an expatriate, any employer must ensure that the following procedure is observed :