How to Invest in DR Congo


Whenever an investor wants to benefit from the Investment Code he has to file an application for authorization with the ANAPI who will, for their part, submit the file accompanied by an advice to the Ministry of Planning and to the Ministry of Finance after thoroughly examining the application. After submittal, a decision has to be given within thirty working days in absence of which the authorization is deemed granted. In case of refusal, the negative decision has to be motivated.

In order to facilitate the implementation of new investments in the DR Congo, a "one-stop shop", called Guichet Unique, was created within the ANAPI to provide several services to investors. Within the Guichet Unique, services from the following Ministries or agencies can be obtained: the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Foreign Commerce, the Ministry of Transportations, the Ministry of Employment, DGRAD, DGI, OFIDA, the Real Estate Title Agency, the Directorate General of Migration, the commercial Court of Appeal's registry, and the National Office. Thanks to this "one-stop shop", investors are able to fulfil, at one central agency, all requirements for creating a new company or business.

To Invest in the Cement Sector

Fill in an application form at Mining Land Registry (Department of Ministry of Mines), in order to obtain the license for quarry exploitation ;

Submit a file which should include the following elements :

For corporate applicants :

For individual applicants :

To Invest in the Air Transport Sector

To Invest in the Mining Sector

Two possibilities are provided to any investor who wishes to invest in the mining sector in DR Congo : either he works in partnership (joint venture) with the enterprises which already hold mining concessions or he directly applies to the mining land registry to get his own concession.

When applying for a permit, whether it would be for exploration or exploitation purposes, the applicant has to follow a general procedure of application.

Mining and Quarrying

The normal application procedure is one of "first come first serve". The application file must include an application form, duly completed and signed the applicant.