Employees and Social Security


Hiring procedure for the national

Legal frameworks


Dismissal procedure of the national

Legal frameworks


Individual dismissal

Where the dismissal is motivated and based on the operational requirements of the company, it can be pronounced only after notice of the trade union delegation followed by the express and written permission of the responsible Labour Inspector.

In the case of termination of a contract for cause related to the aptitude or discipline, the dismissed employee should be replaced immediately so that the total number of employees does not suffer any modification. The penalty will be then notified to the worker in writing.

Mass dismissal

If the requested authorization is obtained, the designation of workers to be made redundant takes place according to the criteria established by the Ministerial Decree of 26 October 12/CAB.MIN/TPS/116/2005 which lays down the procedures for dismissing workers.

In all cases, the final financial statement and the certificate of end of service will be provided to the worker within the time limit.

Procedure for hiring and dismissing expatriates

Operational costs related to the employment of foreigners

There is a tax to be levied on operations relating to the granting of work permit for foreigners.

The rate and the basis for the collection of this tax are set by inter-ministerial decree No. 013/95 of 01.31.1995.