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Improving the Business climate in DRC, "the indicator allowed to build improved":   To meet the requirements of flexibility and speed in the process of obtaining the building permit, the Government through the Ministry of Planning and Housing has taken a Ministerial Decree No. CAB / MIN-UH / 023/2018 of the May 31, 2018 amending                                                    Official launch of the activities of the 2th edition of the fair International Agricultural of Kinshasa: Under the initiative of the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture of Kinshasa, the official launch for the 2nd International Agricultural Fair of Kinshasa took place on Wednesday June 14, 2017 at the KEMPISKI FLEUVE CONGO HOTEL. During the ceremony, several speeches were                                                    The Democratic Republic of Congo presents the Doing Business 2018 reforms: Under the patronage of His Excellency BAHATI LUKUEBO, Minister of State, Minister of Planning, the National Agency for the Promotion of Investment organized on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at  Pullman Hotel, a workshop presenting the 2018 Doing Business reforms. Six indicators                                                    “The time for Africa is now – we can’t slow down, we must quicken the pace”: Adesina: India is the perfect place for the African Development Bank to focus on the transformative power of agriculture, Bank President Akinwumi Adesina has told the African, Indian and international press. “India is an inspiration to Africa, in that its Green                                                    Burey Gold expands in Kilo-Moto greenstone belt: Mining company Burey Gold inked an agreement with Emirati firm Medidoc FZE to buy a 60% onterest in Tendao project which comprises five exploration licences covering a total of 1,456 km², in North-Western part of DR Congo. The deal will                                                    DRC will take part at The Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit in Nairobi: The Democratic Republic of Congo will take part at The Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit in Nairobi, Kenya's capital. The delegation led by the Managing Director of the National Vocational Training Institute (INPP), Maurice Tshikuya                                                    kwilu: sensitization of executives of the public administration on the improvement of the business climate: Executives of the public administration and the private sector in the province of Kwilu and particularly those from Bandundu city, the capital of the province have been sensitized for two days on the reforms implemented to improve the business and                                                    Need to adapt the geological map of the DRC to the understanding of new minerals: Mr. Ikoli, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Minister of Mines, noted the need to adapt the old geological map of 1972 to the understanding of new minerals at the opening of the validation workshop of the new geological map                                                    FIKIN opens its doors this Saturday 16th of July 2016: The fair activities of Kinshasa for the year 2016 will start on Saturday, July 16 and close on 15th August, announced the Director General of the International Fair of Kinshasa (FIKIN), Eugene Bokopolo. The N ° 1 of FIKIN engaged with the                                                    The Government has committed to improving the income of farmers for agricultural growth of at least 6%: The Government of the Democratic Republic Congo is planning to sustainably promoteagricultural and food sectors in priority and develop the agri-business between 2015 and 2016. The aim is to improve farmers' incomes and achieve an agricultural growth of at least 6%                                                   

Recent reforms implemented

Starting A Business

1.Digitization of all the services involved in the business incorporation process;

2. Single portal for all the services involved in the business incorporation process;

3. Implementation of an electronic file tracker for business incorporation through the website:   e-guce.guichetunique.cd

4. Digitization of the business incorporation process;

5. Implementation of a single digital application form required for the business incorporation process

6. Removal of the requirement that a woman obtain her husband’s permission to start a business.                                                                               

7. Establishment of an electronic Business registration and a name reservation through a one-stop shop

Dealing with construction permits

1. A mandatory "construction site" insurance policy as pre-requisite in the file to obtain a building permit.

2.Simplification of the construction permit application procedures from 9 to 6: (i) Submission and opening of file,(ii)file review and site visit (iii)reception of tax documentation – fee/perception note (iv)tax payment at the bank and confirmation by the tax office public accountant (v) building permit preparation and signature (vi)issuance of the construction permit to the applicant

3.Effective signature delegation for the construction permit issuance to the Administration to reduce issuance delays, i.e. to the General Secretary for Urban Planning and Housing for buildings under the authority of the Central Power and to the Heads of Urban and Provincial Urban Planning Departments for buildings falling under the jurisdiction of Provinces and the Decentralized Territorial Entities.                                                                                                                                         4. Removal of administrative and technical fees in the issuance of the construction permit.

5. Enhancement of the quality control index in the issuance of the construction permit by introducing a delegate from the Private Sector (Architects Association of Congo) within the Technical Commission in charge of application file review.


 6. Enhancement of the quality control index in the issuance of the construction permit through the mandatory issuance of a "building certificate of conformity".

7. Remodeling of the Urban Planning and Housing Department, at the national, provincial and local levels: (i) mandatory requirement to carry out conformity check before, during and after construction, (ii) requirement to publish procedures, time and cost related to construction permit; and (iii) requirement to issue the certificate of compliance at the end of construction.

8. Construction permit issuance within 20 days, from the submission of the  application file.

9. Increasing the number of Urban Departments in Kinshasa from 4 to 10.

10. Reduction of water connection time from 15 to 8 days.

11. Implementation of construction risk insurance regime.

12. Implementation of a mandatory 10 years liability insurance policy.

Getting electricity

1. Establishing a one-stop shop that fulfills medium-voltage connection-request services within the Distribution Department of SNEL in Kinshasa.             
                                                                                                                     2. Effective Integration of the Excavation Permit request issued by the Public Works office OVD into SNEL's one-stop shop that fulfills medium-voltage connection-request services;
                                                                                                                        3. Integration of the payment for the excavation permit into the SNEL One stop shop website  as well as fee schedule for services; 
                                                                                                                              4. Reducing the time for issuance of Excavation Permit (excavation and construction permit for medium voltage electricity connection works) to five working days following the request;                                                                   

5. Mandatory requirement to submit electricity connection requests only through the one-stop shop SNEL website www.snel.cd; 
                                                                                                                      6. Transparency in publishing electricity tariff;

7. Reduction of the fees to obtain a connection to medium voltage electricity; 

8. Improved the reliability of electricity supply and quality by installing smart meters, extending the medium-voltage network and implementing statistics on the duration and frequency of power outages and electricity supply on the SNEL website.

9. Implementation of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) monitoring mechanism on the SNEL web site to record data for the annual system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) and system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI).
                                                                                                                   10. Publication of electricity connection tariff scales on the SNEL website.


Paying taxes

1. Introduction of an online system for procedures and for filing taxes. 

             2. Réduction of the penalty rate from 4% to 2% per month                                                                                                                           

3. The merging of fiscal administrations.                                                                                                                 

4. Simplification of all fiscal schemes through a transparent publication of the new central provincial and territorial taxes, levies and fees.                                                                                                                  

5. Exemption to pay taxes under dispute with the condition to have pay 10% of the total disputed amount.

Trading across borders

1.             Effective implementations of an electronic data interchange one-stop shop (SEGUCE) to submit customs declarations electronically. The following operations are carried out: (i) company registration within the electronic platform of SEGUCE, (ii) free training for users, (iii) reception of a personal identifier to enable users to connect at any time via internet connection or private network, (iv) creation of the file in the Integral External Trade Office by filling online all applications  for ministerial permits and Import of Good regulatory licenses (IB) and EB (export of goods), (v) payment of all trade fees through all 18 banks in the DRC via the single payment slip, (vi) issuance of the various permits required for customs clearance (AV, FERI / FERE / AD, Lot loan, Ministerial permits).

2.             Ease of access to the electronic platform system of the One-stop Shop of Foreign Trade 24/24h.

3.             Opening of 7 facilitation, support and training centers for users throughout the country with rooms equipped with platform connection and free and open access computers.

4.             Digitization of foreign trade procedures for import and export.

5.             Mandatory use of the electronic system of SEGUCE for any cross border trades.

6.             Effective Integration of Foreign Trade Services into the Electronic Platform of SEGUCE (8 Ministries, 18 Commercial Banks, Central Bank, PACIFIC TRADING / WISKI, DGRAD, SCTP, DGDA, OCC, BIVAC, OGEFREM).

7.             Digitization of DGRAD tax office collection note and various documents required for cross border trade (eg the manifest, the customs’ release authorization).

8.             Integration between the SEGUCE's electronic system and the Customs' system Sydonia Word Software for the simplified exchange of data between the One-stop Shop of Foreign Trade and the One-stop Shop for Customs Clearance (Manifesto, declarations, Liquidation report, Liquidation, Receipt, Release authorization).

9.             Implementation of an electronic tracking system for cargo in transit and other goods (CVTFS).

10.          90% Digitization of customs offices.

11.          Implementation of an effective and autonomous network system for Customs’ authority DGDA.

12.          Enhanced application monitoring system for rapid incident detection.

13.          Access card digitization for importation and export of vehicles.

14.          Centralized quality control of goods (Orange cell).

15.          Implementation of a computerized customs statistics system.

16.          Ongoing introduction of all customs tariff published on billboards at border posts.

Getting credits

1.             Establishment of a collateral registry;

2.             Law on leasing;

3.             Adoption of a new national legal regime governing the enforceability of the law on security interests

4.             Enhancement of the Credit bureau and its extension to microfinancing;

5.             Modernization of the National Payment System:

(i)             Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS);

(ii)            Automated Clearing House System (ACH);

(iii)           Central Depository System for securities (CSD).

6.             Establishment of an improve information report on SMEs financing;

7.             Increase of the minimum capital requirement for  banks and microfinance institutions ;

8.              Improved SMEs financing by broadening the range of assets that can be used as collateral (including fixed and future assets) through financial and microfinance institutions.

Registering Property

1.             Reduction of the property transfer deadline to 15 working days;

2.             Reduction of the number of procedures from 8 to 5, namely: (i) applicant request, analysis and request for work to the property registration, (ii) establishment of the mission order, site visit, cost sheet, work plan, drawing up of the minutes and the administrative report, (iii) assigning the registry number and signature of all the property certificates by the technician and the Head of Department of the property registry, (iv) preparation of all the property certificates, registration and notary, taxation and payment (Treasury, EAD and security) and (v) receipt in the logbook and signature of certificates and titles by the property registration office.

3.             Reduction of the ad valorem duties rate collected during the property transfer from 5 to 3% of the building market value for the new contracts and to 1.5% for the contracts of more than 10 years.

4.             Reduction of property and property certificate costs.

5.             Removal of administrative costs.

6.             Mandatory publication of procedures, time and cost of property transactions in the registration offices.

7.             Remodeling of the litigation services Department of the Ministry of Land Affairs.

8.             Implementation strict deadlines in the resolution of land disputes at the administrative level (20 working days after site visit);

9.             Increased in the number of land districts in the City of Kinshasa from 5 to 10.

10.          Public communication on information on procedures, deadlines and property transfer costs in all property registration offices.

11.          Increased coverage by property registration offices for all private properties in the city Province of Kinshasa;

12.          Coverage of land conservation for all private plots in the country;

13.          Mandatory requirement to register all property sales in the property registry for these transactions to be opposable to third parties;

14.          Equal access to property rights for all (single, married men and women) under the new Family Code.

15.          Gradual digitization of the property registry by setting up a secure database, housed in a national server (Setting up of the website of the Ministry of Land Affairs containing all secure land and real estate title data in DRC : www.reforme-fonciere.net).

Resolving Insolvency

1. Changes affecting the insolvency framework for business experiencing liquidity problems in DRC including a mandatory reminder related to OHADA procedures on debtor’s asset.

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