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A CIPA delegation welcomed at ANAPI to present an industrial agriculture project implemented in the Province of Haut-Uélé.

Friday 14 February 2020

A CIPA delegation welcomed at ANAPI to present an industrial agriculture project implemented in the Province of Haut-Uélé.

The Director General of the National Agency for Investment Promotion, ANAPI in acronym, received yesterday Wednesday, June 3, 2020, a delegation of the Interprofessional Council for the Promotion of Agriculture (CIPA) led by its Chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Rwakagara. The delegation came to present an industrial agriculture project implemented since the beginning of this year in the Province of Haut-Uélé by one of their members, Mr Corneille Nangaa Yebeluo.

This agricultural project, which plans to cover more than 88 000 hectares, aims, among other things, to increase the production of rice and maize for local consumption and for export to neighboring countries to the east of the DR Congo.

In addition to reducing food imports and thus strengthening food security, this project aims to have an integrating effect on the development of infrastructure, particularly agricultural feeder roads, but also to contribute to the security stability of the region by promoting a more visible presence of the State, through the investments that would be present there.

Taking the floor following this presentation, ANAPI’s Director General, Mr Anthony Nkinzo Kamole, thanked his hosts for this encouraging initiative and assured them of ANAPI’s support since this project fits perfectly with the strategic reflections of the Agency which considers agriculture as an indispensable pillar for the economic revival of our country, especially when we take into account the challenge related to the feeding of a growing Congolese population.

The economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing surge in the prices of basic foodstuffs clearly demonstrate the vulnerability of our economy, where national food production remains insignificant compared to real needs. Thus, during its recent tour within some Ministries (Hydraulic Resources and Electricity, Agriculture), ANAPI went back on the proposals it made to the Government to not only relieve the economic operators strongly impacted by this crisis, but above all to start the process of improving the resilience of the Congolese economy to future shocks. Its advocacy is to promote the Congolese Champion. The local Content, should not only be the topic of discussion, but requires being materialized.

It is therefore essential to ensure the supply of basic foodstuffs so as to minimize the untimely fluctuations of market prices. And developing processing activities represents an essential lever for this sought-after food sovereignty. This makes it possible to strengthen the local economy and create jobs in both agriculture and processing.

Moreover, the ANAPI Director General has firmly committed himself to carry the advocacy of CIPA and the economic operators of the Congolese agricultural sector for the elimination of hassles and the removal of unnecessary taxes, but also for more support to the country’s institutions.

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