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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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National Investment Promotion Agency


ANAPI, guest of honor at the "Challenge Enterprise" for the promotion of local entrepreneurship

Friday 14 February 2020

Under its current policy, the Government of the DR Congo is placing special emphasis on the emergence of local SMEs in order to give our country a solid and dynamic middle class. This is what justifies the holding this Thursday, March 12, 2020 at the Fleuve Congo Hotel, of the ceremony of awarding the Entrepreneurial Merit Prize to ten SMEs in various categories including women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, local content, etc.

Several personalities of the country including H.E. the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Middle Class, Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft and the President of the FEC delivered speeches in the sense of recalling the country’s expectations in terms of the contribution of SMEs to economic growth.

ANAPI in view of the role it plays in the country in terms of investment attraction has also encouraged SMEs. Its Managing Director Mr Anthony NKINZO Kamole dwelt on the cardinal virtues that entrepreneurs or promoters of SMEs must observe including excellence, discipline, good governance, team spirit, perseverance, vision and commitment. Taking these values into account allows SMEs to ensure their sustainability, he concluded.

In fine, ANAPI’s Managing Director urged SMEs to retain the three key concepts, namely:

  • Reflect on all the contours that concern the sector of their enterprise (laws, assets of the sector of activities, constraints and obstacles etc.,);
  • Dare to take risks because zero risk does not exist in business. We invest by mimicry; we must have a clear vision;
  • Persevere, because entrepreneurship is not a game. You have to keep in mind that life is not all rosy, when you embrace the business world, you have to accept failures, have the courage to rise up as quickly as possible, that’s what ultimately strengthens the experience.

A question that ANAPI asks to these nominated SMEs: “What meaning do they give to these trophies?” We will surely have the answer next year.