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ANAPI organized for the first time in its history a Team-Building day to boost the cohesion of its team

Saturday 8 February 2020

In accordance with its annual budgeted work plan (PTBA 2020), the General Management, as well as all the staff of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI in acronym) held a day of Team-Building this Friday 07 February 2020 at the Parc de la Vallée de la N’sele in Kinshasa.

Organized with the ultimate aim of developing the corporate culture and boosting team cohesion, this Team-Building Day, a first in the history of this public establishment, has, among other things, enabled all of the Staff to ANAPI to develop their collective intelligence by allowing everyone to express themselves individually, but at the service of the group; to integrate new employees, and above all to boost individual and collective motivation via challenges in line with the objectives assigned to this activity.

The day was essentially structured around 3 highlights.

First there was a fun session led by Agence Djambo. A moment during which, through exercises and role plays, everyone was able to express their points of view regarding their experiences, their doubts, but also their expectations. The goal was to speak, actively listen and interact as a team and with leaders.

Next, ANAPI officers and executives were invited to share a dinner during which there was an exchange of greetings and gifts. The innovation of this exercise was the surprise effect of the prize draw. A moment of conviviality which once again favored the rapprochement between the members of the Agency.

Finally, the team was able to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation through the visit to the animal park and the leisure games offered by this tourist site.

This Team-Building session was part of a logic of learning the concepts of corporate culture and group cohesion, which helped lay the groundwork on which ANAPI intends to establish its new currency, which will translate both his identity and his aspirations. A motto must be the leitmotif of all and will constitute, so to speak, the compass which will dictate the actions of the Agency internally as well as externally.

A rewarding professional experience on which the management team and all the staff of the Agency wish to capitalize for better professional and social prospects.

Thanks to the Organizing Committee.

Thank you to the General Management of ANAPI.

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