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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ministry of Planning

National Investment Promotion Agency


Investing in the mining sector

There are two possibilities for investing in the mining sector: 

  • partnering with portfolio companies or others with existing mining concessions;
  • Applying for mining titles from the Mining Cadaster in accordance with the following conditions and procedure:

1. Mining Exploration Permit

  • Submission of the file in triplicate to the Central or Provincial Mining Registry concerned; The file includes the following:
    • The form is withdrawn from the Mining Cadaster Office (CAMI), duly completed and signed;
    • The statutes, the RCCM and proof of publication in the Official Gazette;
    • The notification of the tax identification number;
    • The capacity and power of the person empowered to bind the legal entity and the identity of its agent if the application is made by the latter;
    • The type of mining or quarrying rights applied for;
    • The originals of the bank certificate and the statement of account, etc.
  • The surface area covered by all the perimeters that are the subject of research held by the holders may not exceed 2,352,442 square meters (art. 53);
  • Verification by the CAMI whether the request for a Research Permit is admissible;
  • In case of admissibility, the CAMI records the request in the registration book and issues a receipt;
  • Examination of the file at the land registry and granting, in case of a favorable opinion of the Permit by Order of the Minister of Mines.

N.B.: The area of the Research Permit may not exceed a maximum of four hundred and seventy-one (471) squares.

2. Operating Licence

  • Submission of the file to the CAMI;
  • Elements of the file (see Research Permit including the references of the Permit);
  • Payment of filing fees fixed by the interministerial decree of Mines and Finance;
  • Cadastral, technical and environmental instruction...

Contact:Cadrastre Minier

5th floor of the GECAMINES building,

Boulevard du 30 juin, in Kinshasa / Gombe.,

Democratic Republic of the Congo